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    Hi SXNXR,


    In policy's, I am seeing 3 attributes like state, KPL and DT what is it? because DT and KPL is not enabled


    please let me know what are these (state, KPL and DT) thanks

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  • 03/14/17--20:28: Guidance on CRUD Operation
  • Greetings,


    I've been trying to write a workflow to retrieve information about Network Profile using CRUD operation, following the guide below

    I used StaticIPv4Address as the entity set name


    var model = "ManagementModelEntities.svc";

    var entitySetName = "StaticIPv4Address ";

    var property = new Properties();


    var entities = vCACEntityManager.readModelEntitiesByCustomFilter(, model, entitySetName, property, null);


    But when I ran the workflow, it returned an error:

    [2017-03-15 10:00:54.317] [E] Error in (Workflow:Clone_CRUD_Eg / Get Properties (item1)#4) EdmEntitySet StaticIPv4Address is not found


    I checked for the table named "StaticIPv4Address" in IaaS database and found it. So I thought it might be the model name that caused the problem. But I don't know how to correct it, since this CRUD operation thing confuses me

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    Thanks for posting!


    We expect to get more information regarding the performance issues:

    1. What's GPU driver version that you installed on Win10 host?

    2. What's the monitor you used for the testing? And the resolution on VM is?

    3. Would you please provide vmware.log (you may find the file location at: Menu Help -> About VMware Workstation -> VM location)

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    I have a large Windows 2012 R2 VM (11TB: C: 200gb D: 10.8tb) which has noticeable deteriorated performances after migrating to ESXi 6.0U2 including:

    delays, unresponsive, dragging, network shared folder connectivity delay like it fell asleep etc.

    CPU, Memory utilization and Disk space appears to be normal. Please see below VMware event logs attached.

    For example, trying to open apps like event viewer, and experience delays in just opening Control panel or any other window on its desktop screen. Takes 5 seconds to respond to mouse action. Delays trying to access files from client to shared folder on Windows Server in question. Basically, click and wait. It's like Server was asleep and when you click on shared folder takes a few seconds to wake up. Reboot fixes the issue temporarily then it returns again.




    Moved VM from 5.5 to 6.0U2 using simple SCP command.

    It was moved from HP G7 blade to HP G8 DL360p Server (firmware up to date).

    Increased CPU 4 to 10 cores. Increased Memory to 24gb.

    After move encountered major Network issues (Network down) until upgraded VMware Tools. Now status says RUNNING (CURRENT) Tools

    Upgraded to latest VMware tools which resolved network NIC connectivity issues. VMware tools status was (out of date) prior.

    Upgraded HW to version 11.

    Updated Windows: ran Windows update several times.



    The VM is now showing RUNNING (CURRENT) VMWARE TOOLS but event log says something different below.

    Any ideas and advise is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.






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    I did the first aid from Disk Utility, everything seemed to be fine ..

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    I realize this is an old thread, but in case anyone looking for this information host hardware info is available in vROps 6.4. To add this to a view, select Host System as the subject, change metrics to properties, go to hardware and select model




    I cloned and added this data to the Host Hardware View to see the hardware (second column from left) info along with the other details giving a view like this:




    Hope this helps!

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    I just updated to the latest version of VMWare Fusion 8.5.5 and then encountered this issue.

    In the end I created a new VM and re-used the vmdk file - that solved it for me.

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    I did the Ctrl-Alt and it didn't make a difference, multiple times.  The mouse still leaves the guest and moves into the host, but the buttons don't work.Once I shutdown the guest the mouse buttons worked again.

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    Hello, this is a vCloud Networking & Security (vCNS) sub-forum.

    Do you have a vCNS in your isolated network?


    To connect one of your RHEL VM to the Internet, you would need a device/host that connect to the Internet and probably do a NAT for your RHEL VMs.

    You can use a firewall, proxy, router, server or a VM based firewall/router such as vCNS, NSX, or a linux router/firewall

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    Thank you a.p. and frostyk. Both of your suggestions were very helpful. I am now able to see the SAN but I'm having issues if I attempt to vmotion a virtual machine to the server. Specifically this error: "

    vMotion migration [-1408233452:1489590957618118] failed to read stream keepalive: Connection closed by remote host, possibly due to timeout

    Migration to host <> failed with error msg.vmk.status.VMK_MIG_CONN_CLOSED (195887167).

    Migration [-1408233452:1489590957618118] failed to connect to remote host <> from host <>: Timeout.

    vMotion migration [-1408233452:1489590957618118] failed to create a connection with remote host <>: The ESX hosts failed to connect over the VMotion network

    Failed waiting for data. Error 195887371. The ESX hosts failed to connect over the VMotion network."


    I have the networking setup almost identical one of the old existing hosts.

    • Service console IP changed
    • vSwitch2, IP is the next in the pattern 16.30, existing are 16.10 & 16.20
    • vSwitch3, IP's are next in the pattern 255.17 & 18, existing are 13,14,15 & 16

    My question is how do I narrow down where I have a problem at now?



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    If you are talking about:

    1. VmwebServicesURL: it is set to 8443

    2. VmAPIURL : 443

    3. WebService.ports.http :8089

    4. WebService.ports.https :443

    5. Config.vpxd.sso : 7444 (single sign on)


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    Hi, are are the vShield manager a two independent instances of you would upgrade & reconnect the vShield manager?

    What features are you using from the vShield?
    Depends on what features are you using in the vShield, you might need to rebuild the vShield objects in the new vCenter and reconnect the VMs to the new vShield objects.


    Please note that vCNS is end of support and VMware recommends to upgrade to NSX.

    If it's only a vShield Endpoint, you will get NSX for vShield Endpoint if you have vSphere Essential Plus and later edition


    FAQ: Implementation of vShield Endpoint beyond EOA of vCNS (2110078) | VMware KB

    "With the release of NSX 6.2.4, if you purchased vSphere with vShield Endpoint (Essential Plus and later), you can download NSX.

    This means that NSX will appear on the vSphere download site, similar to vCNS."


    End of Availability (EOA) of VMware vCloud Networking and Security (vCNS) in VMware vCloud Suite 6.0 (2107201) | VMware …

    End of Availability and End of Support Life for vCloud Networking and Security 5.1 Standalone (2055410) | VMware KB

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    Exactly. 6.5 is the first version where they not going anymore with vsphere c# client. That is 1 reason why i stay with 6.0 ;(.


    Goodbye vSphere Client for Windows (C#) – Hello HTML5 - VMware vSphere Blog


    Since longer time they trying to force web. But 6.5 was a bit of rush from them to decomission c#.


    So i personally hope for getting back in future kind of Application client  but based on 64 bit ha.


    i hate web. Browsers annoying me.


    sry not having better infos for you ;(.


    best regards



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    Current version: Build 4635843


    My vRB is integrated with my vRA Enterprise environment.

    I successfully added my non-EA Azure Public account and under system status Microsoft Azure data collection show successful.

    When I select Expenses -> Public Cloud (Azure) it just hangs there with loading sign and circle spinning.


    Anyone else run into this problem before?


    log files from itfm-server.log



    2017-03-08 14:36:21.011 WARN  [Thread-13] c.v.i.c.p.a.c.AzureHttpUtils - Unable to fetch data from:

    2017-03-08 14:36:21.218 ERROR [Thread-13] c.v.i.c.p.a.c.AzureHttpUtils - Microsoft Azure returned the following response: HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request, while making HTTP request: GET

    2017-03-08 14:36:21.218 WARN  [Thread-13] c.v.i.c.p.a.c.AzureHttpUtils -

    2017-03-08 14:36:21.218 INFO  [Thread-13] c.v.i.c.p.a.c.AzureHttpUtils - Connections to Azure servers successfully established. Proceeding with data collection.

    2017-03-08 14:36:21.614 INFO  [pool-12-thread-1] c.m.a.a.UserDiscoveryRequest - [Correlation ID: null] Sent (null) Correlation Id is not same as received (null).

    2017-03-08 14:36:21.620 INFO  [pool-12-thread-1] c.m.a.a.AuthenticationAuthority - [Correlation ID: 0d6a443e-9e6d-4bc7-9099-34fd9365c41f] Instance discovery was successful

    2017-03-08 14:36:22.948 INFO  [SystemSync] c.v.i.c.c.s.j.SystemSynchronizationManager - Sync task 'Storage DS and Hardware Sync (SRM)' done, took 00:00:03.641

    2017-03-08 14:36:23.805 INFO  [Thread-13] c.v.i.c.p.a.c.AzureCostCollectionJob - Completed: Azure data collection and persistence until 2017-3 for account: MS Azure

    2017-03-08 14:36:23.813 INFO  [Thread-13] c.v.i.c.c.u.c.s.JobManager - Job AZURE_DATA_COLLECTION completed in 3.493 s.


    I am seeing the following error but not sure if this is related. (all my statuses are green and shows successful runs)




    2017-03-08 14:37:04.258 ERROR [SystemSync-Persist Mappers] c.v.i.c.v.v.s.VraOperationsImpl - Error occurred while fetching the default business groups for controller users.

    org.springframework.web.client.HttpClientErrorException: 404

            at org.springframework.web.client.DefaultResponseErrorHandler.handleError( ~[spring-web-4.2.1.RELEASE.jar:4.2.1.RELEASE]

            at ~[cafe-sdk-lib-]

            at org.springframework.web.client.RestTemplate.handleResponse( ~[spring-web-4.2.1.RELEASE.jar:4.2.1.RELEASE]

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    With esxi  6.5 you need to use the html5 host client.


    with vcenter 6.5 you could use flash or html5.


    But with c# 6.0 vsphere client you will have lot of issues , because not fully compatible anymore

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    We have a plugin that works on 5.5 and 6.0 Vcenters. When we register the plugin on Vcenters in linked mode, it retrieves wrong data for the virtual machines. We noticed that it is because of same objectId for VM on the linked Vcenters. Is there any API to support retrieval of object id and vcenter id for a particular VM?

    Are there any samples that I can refer for linked Vcenters on 6.0 and above?




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    tjbailey....did the HSTS reg fix resolve your issue?


    We are still seeing this on our end with Horizon 7.0.3


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    Hi All! New to the forum and glad to be here! I have recently been tasked by mgmt to built a Horizon 7 environment for my corporation. I am having trouble finding documentation on how to restrict user access based on thin client location. For example- User 1 has been entitled 3 desktops from 3 separate pools (Deskops a.b.c) and will need to access from 3 locations (locations 1,2,3). Is there a way I can ensure that User 1 can lonely access Desktop A from Location 1, Desktop b form locatiuon 2, and desktop c from location 3? All desktops will be on the same domain. Thanks! Mike

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    Sorun halen devam etmekte farklı bir çözüm var mı acaba çünkü işlerim çok aksamış durumda ve çözümde bulamıyorum yaklaşık 1 haftadır uğraşmaktayım diğer virtualization teknolojisi kullanan programlarda kurulmuyor sadece wmvare' da değil virtualbox, hyper-v gibi programları'da kuramıyorum Bıos' da virtualization teknolojisini'de aktif ettim bu arada denemediğim fazla birşey kalmadı sorun galiba "inf" dosyalarını başarılı bir şekilde yüklenmiyor ama nedenini henüz çözmüş değilim daha önce workstation 10 kurdum fakat ne usb çalışıyordu nede wirless adaptörü tanıta biliyordum.


    Yardımlarınızı bekliyorum.



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    Any info regarding getting the policy ID and policy option ID

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